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A new kind of catering

We offer a unique, high-end catering service specializing in baked goods and Mediterranean/European cuisine. Our food is made-to-order and is prepared in small batches, to ensure highest quality and maximum attention to details. We like spending as much time preparing the food as we do on presentation and style.

A little bit about myself.. my name is Anat Leshem Feldsher and baking is my passion. Each week I get to live my passion by bringing to life our old family recipe for rich and soft challah bread. 

Who is Bernhard, you might ask? Bernhard was my grandfather. He came to San Francisco, several years before the Golden Gate bridge construction began, to pursue his own passion for baking. Each time I dig my hands into the soft and fluffy dough and braid the challah, I feel his spirit run through me and I'm delighted to carry on the family tradition.


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Anat Leshem Feldsher

Owner & chief baker


A few of our loyal customers: